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Our Work

Within Prioritised ByMunira's portfolio, you will find a wealth of project accomplishments that demonstrate our commitment to excellence. These achievements span a wide spectrum, including significant initiatives such as the Food Business Acceleration Program and the impactful Education Malaysia Focus Group Program.



Food Business Acceleration Program

Prioritised ByMunira provided overall program management services for an event hosted by Pertubuhan Peladang Kebangsaan (NAFAS) in Dubai, UAE in February 2022. The event aimed to showcase various Malaysian food products and suppliers and complement NAFAS's campaign at the Dubai Expo 2020.


Global Sustainable Living

A growing Malaysian company in the sustainable commodity industry engaged Munira Ishak as the Representative in United Arab Emirates (UAE) for a series of collaborations in their international debut. 

KVG Confirence 2022-828.jpg


Our Food Our Future

Pertubuhan Peladang Kebangsaan (NAFAS)’s recent success in Dubai Expo 2020 campaign in February 2022, including Grand Hyatt event called for a follow-up ‘in-store’ promotion event to showcase its products for a potential buy in to supermarkets and hypermarkets in UAE.


Education Malaysia Focus Group Dinner

Education Malaysia in collaboration with Malaysian Business Council UAE came with an objective to connect academicians in UAE and seek feedback on improving collaborations between the two countries.



Malaysia Business Council Golf Tournament

With a goal to kick-start an annual networking event post lock-down, the Malaysian Business Council engaged Prioritised to coordinate the guests, arrange sponsorship, coordinate attendees during the day and put forth the MBC goals for the year to all participants which consist of high profile business directors.


Company Launch and Event Hosting in Capital Club DIFC

A private company based in Malaysia, newly launched their branch in UAE has engaged Prioritised for event hosting and moderator as part of their marketing and launch activities.



Malaysia Day Networking Luncheon

Prioritised was engaged to organize a prestigious Business Networking Lunch for Malaysians in the UAE, in collaboration with the Malaysia Business Council. This exclusive event was designed to bring together Malaysian professionals and entrepreneurs based in Dubai, providing them with a platform to network, share ideas, and foster business connections.


Hasroha Arifin @ AdikiRoha

A Malaysian Painter, Hasroha Arifin, who is an oil and gas professional was seeking opportunity to exhibit and set a footprint in UAE. I connected her to World Art Dubai 2021, being the only Malaysian artist, represented her art, sold 2 paintings and established 2 contracts with 2 galleries.



Gulf Food Representation

Munira Ishak was appointed to represent the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industries during Gulf Food 2021. With her expertise in marketing and brand representation, she was entrusted with the task of promoting and advocating for several local Malaysian brands.

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