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Training and Development

Empowering Futures: Bridging Self, Career, and Project Management Excellence

PRIORITISED is embarking on an inspiring journey of empowerment. With a legacy rooted in Project Management, Marketing, PR, and Travel Management, PRIORITISED is extending its reach by introducing transformative training modules for Malaysian audiences.

These modules, designed to harmonize self, career, and project management, equip individuals with the skills to navigate their path confidently. With the Founder’s trusted expertise, forged through high-profile client partnerships and multi-million-dollar investments, now fuels a mission to empower future generations.

PRIORITISED programs are supported by one of its group of companies Hoya Kerrii Holdings Sdn Bhd (Malaysia). 

Project Management Modules

Modules designed for entry level project management practitioners and aspiring project managers. With a PMP accredited trainer as your guide, you'll shape your career trajectory according to Project Management Institute (PMI)'s recognized standards right from the early stages of your professional path.

One to one coaching session for MBA and PMP candidates available.


Discover Your Ikigai

"Discover Your Ikigai" is a transformative module designed to guide participants on a journey of self-exploration and self-discovery through the principles of IKIGAI. This module empowers individuals to uncover their true passions, talents, mission, and vocation, and how these elements synergize to create a sense of purpose and motivation in both their personal and professional lives. It can be designed for a half day or full day program for groups. 


One to one sessions are available. 


Career Development Modules

Empowering Women in the Workforce. Modules designed for women in career and women re-entering the workforce after a career break.

With trainer’s 17 years of experience in the male-dominated realm of oil and gas, including extensive engagements in Middle East countries like Iraq, participants will gain unique strategies to navigate challenges and flourish in multicultural settings.

Accompanied by distinguished guest trainers, each bringing a remarkable background, this immersive experience promises to reshape participant’s professional journey.

Elisha on Ikigai Workshop

It really shows what I should do to make my life more meaningful

SPE Northern Emirates D&I Section

Munira's session on Ikigai outlined simple steps to discover the purpose in life. She can help in finding ones Ikigai. A sense of connotation in one’s work also benefits organizations as employees with a strong sense of purpose work harder and stay longer.

Nur Saffa on Women in Career Program

I enjoy learning from everyone. Its totally inspiring. I love the fact that we can share what's inside us without anyone judging us. 

Mohamad on PM One on One

Mohamad passed 96% on his Project Management exam as an MBA candidate after 5 hours of 1 to 1 session

FYWEDO Economic Exchange Program

The mastery and insightful delivery by the expert Ms Munira Ishak founder of Prioritised ByMunira on PROJECT MANAGEMENT was powerful.

Zulaika on Women in Career Program

I love learning about the importance of 'selling' oneself. Sometimes, it's not enough to just be/do good, but one should also be able to market such goodness.
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